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The University of Edinburgh

How do I configure my browser to use the cache?

The open-access computing lab machines are all already configured to use the proxy.

Please note that if available to you, the recommended procedure is to use the automatic configuration script. Only in exceptional circumstances, or when you want complete control over what sites you wish to use the cache for, should you use the manual configuration method.

Automatic configuration

An automatic configuration script has been provided at This will instruct your browser to use the Proxy Cache Service. All you have to do is tell your browser where the script is.

To set Internet Explorer to use the automatic configuration script
To set Netscape Navigator/Mozilla/Firefox to use the automatic configuration script

Safari on the Apple Mac uses shared settings that are held within the Network Preferences. To set these:

Manual configuration

We strongly recommend that you use the automatic configuration script described above. Only if it cannot be done any other way, and with the advice of your User Support Team, should you manually configure your browser. The machine name is and the port number is 3128. Do not specify any other machine name or port.