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The University of Edinburgh

Do I Have to use a Proxy Cache Server?

If your computer is in one of the University's Public Labs or you are connected to ResNet then you must use the University's Proxy Cache service in order to have access to web pages outside the University. (The network connections in the Labs and to ResNet do not allow direct access to external webservers.)

Users of other dial-up or broadband services may need to use the University's proxy cache service in order to get to access certain websites.

Users directly connected to the University's network (other than in open-access computing labs) and those using the Dial-up service do not need to use the Cache but may find using it provides more efficient access to the web. (Approximately 25% of pages are served from the cache without need to use long-distance networking.)

In future you may get added protection from virus scanning downloaded files via the web proxy cache.