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The University of Edinburgh

The University Web Proxy Cache Service

This is the University of Edinburgh Web Proxy Cache Service.

There are many services provided within the University that restrict access to users who are connecting from local machines. Also the University has subscribed to a number of external services which authenticate on the basis of where the user is calling from.

If you want to get to these services then you must appear to be calling from a browser on a machine in the University. This may be done by ensuring that your web requests go via the University's Proxy Cache service.

When you use the proxy cache server from home you will be prompted for a username and password. This is your University Username (UUN) and your web proxy password. Note that this password is NOT the same as your EASE password.

If you do not know your University Username (UUN), then please contact the IS Helpline at

In order to set or change your web proxy password, you will need to be entitled to use at least one of the staffmail, SMS mail, dialup, wireless, laplan or VPN services. The web form used to set your web proxy password is protected by EASE and so you may need to first login through EASE before you can set your password. Please click here to set your password.